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StemBook Contributor Information

StemBook ( publishes concise, peer-reviewed chapters (reviews) on topics related to stem cell research. Generally, review articles (i.e. StemBook chapters) are commissioned by the Editorial Board. Nonetheless, StemBook welcomes suggestions for new review topics. These suggestions will be considered by the appropriate editors on the Editorial Board. Spontaneous submission of reviews are also welcome and will be considered by the appropriate Editors prior to being sent out for peer review.

Publishing Procedure

As of 2019, StemBook publishes both invited and spontaneously-submitted reviews, which have first been published in StemJournal. These review articles are then republished as chapters in StemBook. All submitted reviews undergo the normal peer-review process. The corresponding chapter in StemBook additionally retains the journal citation. Before preparing any manuscript for submission, please read the guidelines the Stemjournal website:

Review article types include:
- Seminal Reviews are comprehensive and authoritative and provide directions for further research
- Topical Reviews are more focused providing coverage on a topic of immediate interest and importance
- Comparative Reviews compare the efficiency of different protocols on different cell lines or test several protocols for one to two cell lines only.

Submission Guidelines

Authors are invited to submit via StemJournal ( All submitted content undergoes peer review.

For manuscript preparation, please see the submission guidelines at:

Chapter Updates

Each chapter in StemBook will include the date it was last revised. The more up-to-date a chapter is, the more use it will be to the community. In general, the Editorial Board will review chapters and decide when a major revision may be in order (after several years). Authors will, however, be allowed to update chapters whenever the need arises (within reason). Earlier versions of chapters are archived and available to readers.