Chondrocyte protocol

Rachel A. Oldershaw, Melissa A. Baxter, Emma T. Lowe, Nicola Bates, Lisa M. Grady, Francesca Soncin, Daniel R. Brison, Timothy E. Hardingham, Susan J. Kimber

We have developed for hESc a new 3-Stage directed differentiation protocol (DDP) to generate chondrocytes, the specialized cells that form cartilage tissue. The protocol is segmented into stages that mimic the developmental processes that occur in cell lineage specification during embryogenesis.

Blood - SeV derived fibroblast generated iPSCs

Laurence Daheron and Sunita D'Souza

CytoTune™-iPS Reprogramming System uses vectors based on replication in competent Sendai virus (SeV) to safely and effectively deliver and express key genetic factors necessary for reprogramming somatic cells into iPSCs. In contrast to many available protocols, which rely on viral vectors that integrate into the genome of the host cell...