Core Facility Profiles

Stem Cell COREdinates is a group of Core Facilities from all around the world that have come together with the goal to share knowledge, expertise and further the spread of stem cell science. This group, established in 2011 and now composed of 52 members from 46 different cores, is currently working with StemBook to put together and validate a list of current protocols encompassing various methods to generate, edit and differentiate induced pluripotent stem cells into various lineages.

Profiles for a number of the Core Facilities can be accessed via the links below (more to follow).

To view a member list, go here.

To view all protocols published in StemBook, go here.


  • Boston Children's Hospital Human Neuron Core
  • Boston University Center for Regenerative Medicine iSPC Core
  • Columbia Stem Cell Initiative Stem Cell Core Facility
  • Harvard Stem Cell Institute iPS Core Facility