StemJournal Welcomes New Co-Editor-in-Chief Giorgia Quadrato, PhD

StemJournal Welcomes New Co-Editor-in-Chief Giorgia Quadrato, PhD

Amsterdam, NL – StemJournal (STJ), published by IOS Press, is pleased to announce the appointment of new co-Editor-in-Chief, Giorgia Quadrato, PhD, effective immediately. Dr. Quadrato joins co-Editor-in-Chief Niels Geijsen, PhD, and an eminent international editorial board, who are dedicated to the success of the world’s international journal in stem cell research and therapy, and part of IOS Press’ StemHub.

An outstanding scientist and researcher, Giorgia Quadrato, is an Assistant Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, Health Sciences Campus in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Quadrato’s research focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular basis of human brain development and disease. By combining the use of emerging models of the human brain with single cell omics approaches, she heads a research team focused on identifying cell type-specific disease mechanisms and, above all, new treatments for human neurodevelopmental disorders.

“I could not be more thrilled that Giorgia Quadrato has consented to join STJ as the new co-Editor-in-Chief,” added Prof. Geijsen at the Leiden University Medical Centre, in the Netherlands. “Dr. Quadrato has an outstanding track record in the field of brain organoid research and neurodevelopmental disorders. She and I are already working on plans to take our journal to the next level, so please stay tuned for more information soon!”

Dr. Quadrato’s appointment follows the departure of STJ’s founding editor, Chad Cowan, PhD, who has moved out of academia and is now founder and CEO of Clade Therapeutics. Dr. Cowan served as co-Editor-in-Chief for three years, from its founding and early days as a fledging journal. He looks forward to seeing the journal’s continued growth and future success.

Dr. Quadrato commented, “I am excited to be stepping into the role of co-Editor-in-Chief, although I appreciate that Chad’s shoes are large ones to fill. Chad and Niels have done incredible work for the journal in its early years. I look forward to working with Niels and the team to maintain this positive trajectory by further developing the journal as a unique open forum for excellent research in stem cells, while supporting the journal’s principles of openness, inclusivity, equity and diversity. In particular, we encourage early career researchers to become involved with, and publish in, StemJournal.”

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Along with the relaunch of StemBook, an online open access forum and discussion platform for the stem cell research community, IOS Press has opened new, dynamic channels for scientific contributions from the many fields of research on stem cells. It also paves the way for developing a much larger hub. 

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