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Sun N, Zhao C, Cheng R, Liu Z, Li X, Lu A, Tian Z, Yang Z. Cargo-free nano-medicine with pH-sensitivity for co-delivery of DOX conjugated prodrug with SN38 to synergistically eradicate breast cancer stem cells. Mol Pharm. 2018.
Chen D, Sun N, Hou L, Kim R, Faith J, Aslanyan M, Tao Y, Zheng Y, Fu J, Liu W, et al. Human Primordial Germ Cells Are Specified from Lineage-Primed Progenitors. Cell Rep. 2019;29(13):4568-4582.e5.
Gao H, Ni N, Zhang D, Wang Y, Tang Z, Sun N, Ju Y, Dai X, Zhang Y, Liu Y, et al. miR-762 regulates the proliferation and differentiation of retinal progenitor cells by targeting NPDC1. Cell Cycle. 2020:1-14.
Ravi VM, Will P, Kueckelhaus J, Sun N, Joseph K, Salié H, Vollmer L, Kuliesiute U, von Ehr J, Benotmane JK, et al. Spatially resolved multi-omics deciphers bidirectional tumor-host interdependence in glioblastoma. Cancer Cell. 2022;40(6):639-655.e13.
Zhang D, Ni N, Su Y, Miao H, Tang Z, Ji Y, Wang Y, Gao H, Ju Y, Sun N, et al. Targeting Local Osteogenic and Ancillary Cells by Mechanobiologically Optimized Mg Scaffolds for Orbital Bone Reconstruction in Canines. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2020.
Zhu Q, Song L, Peng G, Sun N, Chen J, Zhang T, Sheng N, Tang W, Qian C, Qiao Y, et al. The transcription factor Pou3f1 promotes neural fate commitment via activation of neural lineage genes and inhibition of external signaling pathways. Elife. 2014:e02224.