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Journal Article
Tanaka, A., Woltjen, K., Miyake, K., Hotta, A., Ikeya, M., Yamamoto, T., Nishino, T., Shoji, E., Sehara-Fujisawa, A., Manabe, Y., et al. (2013). Efficient and Reproducible Myogenic Differentiation from Human iPS Cells: Prospects for Modeling Miyoshi Myopathy In Vitro.Plos One8, e61540.
Sakai, H., Sato, T., Sakurai, H., Yamamoto, T., Hanaoka, K., Montarras, D., and Sehara-Fujisawa, A. (2013). Fetal skeletal muscle progenitors have regenerative capacity after intramuscular engraftment in dystrophin deficient mice.Plos One8, e63016.
Mukohira, H., Hara, T., Abe, S., Tani-Ichi, S., Sehara-Fujisawa, A., Nagasawa, T., Tobe, K., and Ikuta, K. (2019). Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in Bone Marrow Express Adiponectin and Are Efficiently Targeted by an Adiponectin Promoter-Driven Cre Transgene.Int Immunol.
Hiramuki, Y., Sato, T., Furuta, Y., M Surani, A., and Sehara-Fujisawa, A. (2015). Mest but Not MiR-335 Affects Skeletal Muscle Growth and Regeneration.Plos One10, e0130436.
Sato, T., Sato, F., Kamezaki, A., Sakaguchi, K., Tanigome, R., Kawakami, K., and Sehara-Fujisawa, A. (2015). Neuregulin 1 Type II-ErbB Signaling Promotes Cell Divisions Generating Neurons from Neural Progenitor Cells in the Developing Zebrafish Brain.Plos One10, e0127360.
Hori, S., Hiramuki, Y., Nishimura, D., Sato, F., and Sehara-Fujisawa, A. (2019). PDH-mediated metabolic flow is critical for skeletal muscle stem cell differentiation and myotube formation during regeneration in mice.Faseb Jfj201802479R.