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Yang, F., Huang, X., Zang, R., Chen, J., Fidalgo, M., Sanchez-Priego, C., Yang, J., Caichen, A., Ma, F., Macfarlan, T., et al. (2020). DUX-miR-344-ZMYM2-Mediated Activation of MERVL LTRs Induces a Totipotent 2C-like State.Cell Stem Cell26, 234-250.e7.
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Chen, J., Zheng, Q., Peiffer, L.B., Hicks, J.L., Haffner, M.C., Rosenberg, A.Z., Levi, M., Wang, X.X., Ozbek, B., Del Valle, J.Baena-, et al. (2020). An in situ atlas of mitochondrial DNA in mammalian tissues reveals high content in stem/progenitor cells.Am J Pathol.
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Zhuang, Q., Li, W., Benda, C., Huang, Z., Ahmed, T., Liu, P., Guo, X., Ibañez, D.P., Luo, Z., Zhang, M., et al. (2018). Publisher Correction: NCoR/SMRT co-repressors cooperate with c-MYC to create an epigenetic barrier to somatic cell reprogramming.Nat Cell Biol.