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Xu K, Qiao J-Y, Zhao B-W, Dong M-Z, Lei W-L, Li Y-Y, Ju Z, Schatten H, Wang Z-B, Liu K, et al. Maternal SMC2 is essential for embryonic development via participating chromosome condensation in mice. J Cell Physiol. 2023.
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Lei W-L, Li Y-Y, Du Z, Su R, Meng T-G, Ning Y, Hou G, Schatten H, Wang Z-B, Han Z, et al. SRSF1-mediated alternative splicing is required for spermatogenesis. Int J Biol Sci. 2023;19(15):4883-4897.
Lei W-L, Du Z, Meng T-G, Su R, Li Y-Y, Liu W, Sun S-M, Liu M-Y, Hou Y, Zhang C-H, et al. SRSF2 is required for mRNA splicing during spermatogenesis. BMC Biol. 2023;21(1):231.