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Gerttula S, Zinkgraf M, Muday G, Lewis D, Ibatullin FM, Brumer H, Hart F, Mansfield SD, Filkov V, Groover A. Transcriptional and Hormonal Regulation of Gravitropism of Woody Stems in Populus. Plant Cell. 2015.
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Wang S, Yamaguchi M, Grienenberger E, Martone PT, A Samuels L, Mansfield SD. The Class II KNOX genes KNAT3 and KNAT7 work cooperatively to influence secondary cell wall deposition and provide mechanical support to Arabidopsis stems. Plant J. 2019.
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Mewalal R, Mizrachi E, Coetzee B, Mansfield SD, Myburg AA. The Arabidopsis Domain of Unknown Function 1218 (DUF1218) Containing Proteins, MODIFYING WALL LIGNIN-1 and 2 (At1g31720/MWL-1 and At4g19370/MWL-2) Function Redundantly to Alter Secondary Cell Wall Lignin Content. PLoS One. 2016;11(3):e0150254.