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Zhang, P., He, J., Wang, F., Gong, J., Wang, L., Wu, Q., Li, W., Liu, H., Wang, J., Zhang, K., et al. (2019). Hemojuvelin is a novel suppressor for Duchenne muscular dystrophy and age-related muscle wasting.J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle.
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Fan, K.-Q., Li, Y.-Y., Wang, H.-L., Mao, X.-T., Guo, J.-X., Wang, F., Huang, L.-J., Li, Y.-N., Ma, X.-Y., Gao, Z.-J., et al. (2019). Stress-Induced Metabolic Disorder in Peripheral CD4 T Cells Leads to Anxiety-like Behavior.Cell179, 864-879.e19.